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Bryxo Blaze, born in 2024, brings a new perspective to premium hosting. New to the field, we're rooted in excellence. We fight impersonality & unsustainable practices, offering eco-friendly solutions & expert support.


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Get your website up and running in minutes, not days. With Bryxo Blaze, activation is instant.

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Our servers are in cutting-edge data centres with redundant power, ensuring high uptime and rapid performance.


Power your website, protect the planet. Choose renewable energy.


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Why settle for ordinary when you can enjoy next level web hosting services?

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Since 2017 from sources like sun, wind, and sea, with no corners cut.

Protecting the planet

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Go Green, Go Fast: Experience 100% Green Hosting

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WordPress platform that is fully optimised and managed by experts.

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Full scalability with unparalleled power and performance.

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Super-fast and reliable cPanel hosting.

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Commercial-grade PCI-compliant hosting.

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Make the switch that pays off! Blaze credits your unused time from your old provider.

Still locked in with your old web host. We get it! But what if we told you that switching to Blaze could get you money back on your unused time with them? Our Switch Credits programme makes the move a breeze. Join the green hosting revolution today!

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Personalised guidance, innovative solutions, and expert advice.

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Powerful free hosting on 100% green servers to support your goals.

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Cameron Williamson

Ceo & Founder

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Cameron Williamson

Ceo & Founder

Omnis totam molestiae delectus nemo alias nesciunt harum et. Nobis dolorum excepturi quod vel. Sunt est qui ab non dolores repellat rem impedit dolores.

Want to Join 35,023 Happy Clients Running on Premium, Sustainable Web Hosting? See How We Can Help!


Go Green, Go Fast: Experience 100% Green Web Hosting

Although we're tech enthusiasts but we care to protect our mother planet...

Clean energy

Since we're one of the UK's few 100% renewable energy providers, electricity is our source of power.

Eco-friendly data centre

Our data centers use only renewable energy, which makes up the entire amount of their power. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of each centre is 1.2 or above.

Sustainable mission

To build a cleaner future, we collaborate with important partners. We are a Certified B Corp that aims to balance profit with mission.

Climate-positive initiative

To set an example for the industry as a whole, we promote a planet-first mentality and assist our employees in becoming more environmentally conscious by compensating for their lifelong carbon footprint.

Support that empowers you to succeed...

When it comes to solving problems, our award-winning support staff stands out. For quick, helpful assistance, get in contact.


Join the sustainable web hosting revolution! Blaze empowers your website with clean energy and cutting-edge technology.

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