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What Makes Bryxo Stand Out for Your Business Needs?

Bryxo: Effortlessly unlock global opportunities! Manage 100+ international entities, integrate with 20+ tools, simplify transactions with 15+ payment methods, streamline HR tasks, and ensure 24/7 support for global success.


Teams of all sizes choose Bryxo for their HR needs




Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

AI-powered Assistant

CRM for Small Businesses

Developer Platform

Drag and Drop Report Creation

Desktop Apps and Extensions

Outage Prediction

Contextual Dashboards

App Launcher

Custom Solutions

AV Platform


Understanding Business Management Software

Simplify your business! BMS software puts everything in one place. Manage tasks, track projects, and handle CRM, support, and even e-commerce. It keeps things organized and helps you overcome challenges, all in one simple platform.

Gone are the days of scattered data and disconnected applications! A well-designed business management software acts like a seamless bridge, connecting your teams and unifying your workflows. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools, centralizing collaboration, data management, and integration. This "single source of truth" empowers users with a smooth, holistic experience, where information flows freely and silos disappear.

Is Bryxo the Right Fit for Your Business Needs?

Beyond the Similarities: Exploring What Sets Bryxo Apart from Odoo and Zoho One


Bryxo is an open-source software suite offering a range of tools such as CRM, eCommerce, accounting, manufacturing, and project management. It offers both subscription-based proprietary software and cloud-hosted SaaS. Its flexible architecture enables users to create and share modules in the marketplace, with around 30 core applications available across business functions as official modules.



With over 45 applications, Zoho One offers a deeply integrated BMS, providing comprehensive cloud-hosted business solutions. Each application is a standalone product, meticulously developed over years. The platform covers a wide range of business functions, with consecutive applications working seamlessly together.


Odoo is a comprehensive suite of open-source software featuring CRM, eCommerce, accounting, manufacturing, and project management tools. It offers both subscription-based proprietary software and cloud-hosted SaaS. Its flexible architecture enables users to create and share modules via the marketplace. Odoo boasts around 30 core applications covering various business functions.

Over 50,000 Businesses Strong: Achieve More with Bryxo's Management Software.


Does your business deserve more?
Unleash the unmatched capabilities of Bryxo One.

The Bryxo One Toolbox: Unveiling Features Built for Business Success

Bryxo One revolutionizes business management with over 45 seamlessly integrated applications, accessible from the cloud. It serves as a complete business command center, with each app meticulously crafted for power and versatility. Deep integration ensures smooth information flow across all functions, from marketing to accounting. It's a collaborative ecosystem built to streamline operations and empower your business.


With our low-code/no-code tools, craft tailored applications to match your workflows effortlessly. Automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance functionality without extensive coding. Simply map your practices, and we'll design a solution for your organization's needs.



Bryxo One's Marketplace expands your options beyond its robust built-in apps. Discover a wealth of Bryxo and third-party apps to integrate seamlessly into your Bryxo One dashboard. Enjoy a customized workspace with single sign-on (SSO) for effortless app access, simplifying your user experience and enhancing productivity.


Data Science Powerhouse

Bryxo One empowers you to transform information into actionable insights in minutes. Its built-in AI assistant, BIA, acts as your data guru, helping you create interactive reports, forecasts, spreadsheets, and stunning visuals. Unleash the power of BIA Search to generate reports, pulling data from across the entire Bryxo One platform. This intuitive system empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence and get things done faster.


Unified AI Ecosystem

Bryxo One simplifies your workday by centralizing all your business apps in one hub. Customize categories and pin your frequently used tools for quick access. With real-time data and customizable widgets, you can stay informed and make quick decisions. It's your go-to solution for a more efficient workflow.


Impact sparks increase.





/user/month - billed annually

• Access to 45+ apps and more

• Friendly with 3000+ third party apps

• Mobile Application Management (MAM)

• Single-sign-on (SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM)

• Unified and Contextual Dashboards

• Developer Oriented Platform



/user/month - billed annually

• All apps

• Odoo Online / * / On-premise

• Odoo Studio

• Multi-Company

• External API



/user/month - billed annually

• All apps

• Odoo Online / * / On-premise

• Odoo Studio

• Multi-Company

• External API

(*) Cost for Bryxo hosting not included.

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Bryxo makes growing business effortless.

Bryxo is a suite of business apps and services that serve businesses of all sizes, providing solutions for critical functions like legal services, accounting, customer relationship management, e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale systems, and project management, etc.

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