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Last updated   November 2023

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Table of Contents

Information About Us

2 Terms of Service (TOS)

3 Our Offerings

4 Order Tracking

5 Subscription Agreement

6 Mailing Processes

7 Limitations on Service Use

8 Become a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) (Industry-specific)

9 Off-the-Shelf Companies

10 Collaboration spaces

11 Corporate lounge

12. Payment Policy

13. Evidence of Identification and Address

14. Service Termination

15. Exclusive Corporate Offers

16. Awin Partner Program

17. Liability and User Safeguards

18. Additional Terms

19. Proprietary Rights

20. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Measures

21. Compliance with Financial Sanctions Reply

22. Anti-Terrorist Financing Measures

23. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Procedures

Business Terms

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and registering as a client, you are legally bound by them, including any referenced documents.

By updating this website, Rajoka Accountants Limited (The Company), doing business as Your Office In, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other virtual offices, reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any moment. They are enforceable against you, therefore you should check them out from time to time by visiting this website.

In these terms and conditions, "Rajoka Accountants Limited" and all services associated with it are referred to as the "Website," "Service/s" and/or "Owner." This includes text, images, photographs, user interface, "look" and "feel," data, and other content that may occasionally be included in it (including, without limitation, the selection, coordination, and arrangement of such content).

Any reference to "we," "us," or "owner" in these terms and conditions refers to Rajoka Accountants Limited. "In writing" includes emails when we use this phrase.

In these Terms and Conditions, any mention of “we,” “us,” or “owner” refers to the Rajoka Accountants Limited. When we refer to "in writing", this includes e-mail.

Information About Us

1.1 Details about the Company. Rajoka Accountants Limited trading as Your Virtual Office In (Registered in England - Company Number 11183040)

1.2 Registered Office Address. 64 Yardley Green Road, Birmingham, England, B9 5QE

1.3 Our Websites:


2. Terms of Service (TOS)

2.1 Make sure you have the necessary authorization to represent a business or company when using our service.

2.2 This agreement and the privacy policy form the complete agreement between us, replacing any prior agreements, whether written or verbal.

3. Our Offerings

3.1 Registered Office Address (ROA). Once you've ordered and paid for it, our address can serve as your company's official address (Registered Office Address) with Companies House. Official mail addressed to the company will be forwarded to you at no cost. Formal correspondence comprises mail from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs, HM Courts & Tribunals Service, and the Intellectual Property Office, among others. We do not accept official mail from third parties as it is considered business mail. Please refer to Section 3.3 for more information.

3.2 Director Service Address (DSA) Additional feature. Once an order is placed and paid for, our address can be utilised as the director service address for the directors of a Ltd company if a registered office address is also requested. Official mail addressed to the directors will be processed at no cost. This service extends to the Shareholder Address as well. When purchasing a Registered Office Address and the service is added two weeks later, the price is £20.00. If bought together, the cost is £12.00.

3.3 Virtual Business Address (VBA). We offer the option to use our address as a virtual business address for your company once it is ordered and paid for. Feel free to use our address for your website, banking, and stationery as your official business correspondence address. Refer to Section 7 for any exceptions.

3.4 Telephone Answering Service (TAS). Once your order is placed and payment is received, we will supply you with a UK landline phone number. This number can be utilised as your business phone or for call forwarding purposes. Our team will handle incoming calls on behalf of your company and forward messages to you by email. We will respond to calls from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm, except on bank holidays.

3.5 Ready Made’s (RM). Upon purchase, a dormant company will be legally transferred to the officers of your choice. As part of the package, you will receive 1 year of our Registered Office and Directors Service Address at no cost, along with all the related service level agreements.

3.6 Secretarial Services. Offering Secretarial Services including amending your Companies House listing, completing select Companies House filings, and compiling Legal Document Packs and other certified materials upon request and payment.

3.7 Reseller/Partner Programme. When invited to join the programme, you may be eligible for a discount and extra perks when adding more companies to your account. Subject to additional terms and conditions outlined in section 8.

Access to our services is provided once the relevant service is activated.

4. Order Tracking

4.1 You can check the list below to see the status of your services:

• Currently under review – Your payment is being processed. Suspend – Your account has been suspended due to an issue.

• Hold ID – We have not yet received your KYC Documents within the first 7 days of your order.

• Suspend ID – Your order has been pending for over a week, and we are still awaiting your KYC documents.

• Pending Formation – Still awaiting your submission of incorporation details for your new company.

• Submission - Your incorporation details have been submitted to Companies House and are currently awaiting approval.

• Transfer Pending – Your Ready Made Company is still awaiting transfer.

• Active - Your account is now fully operational.

• Please address issue – Returned mail needs attention, please get in touch to resolve.

• Hold Address – Forwarded mail has been returned back to us, please contact us to sort.

• Hold ROA - Please be advised that you are utilising our address as your Registered Office Address without completing the necessary purchase.

• Please hold DSA - Our address is being used as the Directors Correspondence Address.

• Hold VBA – Your company has been using our address beyond the services paid for.Hold Deposit – You are nearing or have surpassed your Postal Deposit funds.

• Invoice on Hold – (Exclusive to Resellers/Partners) A request has been made for an invoice to be sent to you.

• Put on hold ROA/DSA/VBA: Your account issue(s) remain unresolved.

•All services have been temporarily suspended.

• Service cancelled or expired.

5. Subscription Agreement

5.1 Postal Deposit. To have your mail forwarded, a postal deposit of £20.00 for UK forwarding or £50.00 for overseas forwarding is necessary. This deposit will cover the forwarding of your mail and any applicable handling fees.

If your postal deposit falls below £5 (for UK forwarding) or below £7 (for overseas forwarding), we will request a top-up. Failure to receive payment will result in your account being suspended if the deposit has been used.

Upon receipt of a Hold Deposit and business mail/parcel, it will be stored for up to 7 days. If a postal deposit top up is not received within 7 days from the notification email for any of the reasons mentioned, the mail will be returned to the sender and/or parcels will be securely destroyed without additional notification.

Certain services necessitate a postal deposit that will be automatically included in new orders. If you choose not to pay the postal deposit as mandated, you will be assigned to scan and upload your business mail automatically. Any items that cannot be scanned will need an additional postal deposit.

Only one mailing preference setting can be applied per account, not per company or service.

5.3 Official Mail Forwarding. As part of our standard service, we will open, scan, and email your mail to you at no additional cost. If your mailing preferences need to be adjusted, we will also forward or have it ready for collection at no cost.

5.4 Business Mail Forwarding. Mail forwarding incurs the cost of postage plus an additional £0.50 per item of mail. A postal deposit is necessary to account for all mail forwarding. Mail forwarding requires a deposit to cover costs; insufficient funds will result in no forwarding. Enjoy complimentary scanning of your business mail by updating your preferences via the online control panel.

All business correspondence will be sent to you daily at the address you provided in your initial order, unless updated. Upon receiving unscannable items, they will be automatically forwarded, such as bank cards, lottery/raffle tickets, photos, payslips, postcards, occasion cards, magazines, pressure sealed mail (fold & tear mail), and any items not in A4 page size format.

Personal identification numbers are scanned without being disclosed. If you wish to uncover your pin, kindly ask for the original letter to be sent to you. If you would rather have the pin revealed and scanned, please get in touch with the Mail Department.

Upon receipt of Business mail, if you solely have the Registered Office Address services, we will kindly ask you to consider adding the Virtual Business Address service. Otherwise, we may need to return the mail (if feasible) after 7 days, while parcels will unfortunately be disposed of.

5.5 Handling Mail Requests. If you need a physical copy of a scanned mail, please make sure to request it within 2 weeks of the initial upload using your admin control panel. All original documents will be dispatched within 2 weeks of the request date. If a hard copy is not requested within 2 weeks of delivery, the mail will be disposed of using a confidential waste service.

Section 5.6: International Mail. We send international mail twice a week. Payments are securely sent using tracked and signed delivery whenever feasible.

5.7 Handling mail collection. Our offices in Birmingham, London W1W, London WC2, Edinburgh EH2 4AN, and Ipswich IP1 1RJ provide complimentary official and business mail collection services. Please ensure that the mail is retrieved within one month of receiving the notification. Unclaimed mail will be sent back to the sender after 1 month, if feasible. Parcels will be safely disposed of.

5.8 Parcels. We accept parcels exclusively at our designated business mail service locations in Birmingham, London W1W, London WC2, Edinburgh EH2 4AN, and Ipswich IP1 1RJ. Parcels cannot be received at the specified locations in London and Edinburgh.

Section 5.9 Parcel Handling. Parcels from designated addresses must be collected within one week. Parcels not retrieved within 7 days from our notification email will be securely disposed of. There will be a £5 charge for handling.

• All packages should be addressed to the business/company name. Limit of 2 parcels weekly, weighing up to 3kg each, and must not exceed the dimensions of a standard shoebox (around 35cm x 25cm x 13cm). As per your mail preferences, parcels will either be sent to your mailing address or you will need to arrange for collection (either in person or through a courier). Items are not covered by insurance while in our possession. Standard rates for parcel processing: Charge of £5 per parcel for collection Sending £5 for each package plus shipping fees.

5.9.1 Large Parcels. Parcels exceeding the dimensions of a standard shoebox or weighing more than 3kg will not be accepted. If a large parcel is delivered without our consent, a £10 handling fee will be charged per parcel, and it must be collected from our Ipswich Office (Princes Street, IP1 1RJ) within 7 days. There will be no option to collect oversized parcels from London. For parcels that are oversized or overweight and delivered to Edinburgh, collection must be arranged from our South Charlotte Street Office.

5.9.2 Dealing with Unwanted Parcels/Mail for active clients. If any unexpected packages or mail, such as those sent or delivered by mistake, are received (from Royal Mail and Couriers), we will promptly inform clients and explore forwarding solutions. If a response is not received within 7 days from the notification email, the mail will be returned to the sender. Mail and parcels that are non-returnable will be securely destroyed, with a £5 handling fee applied.

5.9.3 Unwanted Parcels (expired clients). Upon receiving any unexpected packages, such as those sent in error by Royal Mail or Couriers, we will promptly inform former clients and explore the possibility of reinstating service options. If no response is received within 7 days from the notification email, parcels will be securely destroyed, and a £5 handling fee will be charged from any unclaimed postal deposit/refund applicable.

5.10 Telephone Answering Service. All calls will be answered using your company name unless instructed otherwise. All calls will be greeted with a specific message determined by us. No additional details will be provided to the caller.

Only essential information will be collected from the caller to expedite the process. Typically, this will involve contact details and the topic of the call. You will receive this via email shortly after the call.

5.10.2 Ensuring prompt communication with your clients once you receive the details is crucial. If non-compliance is detected, we will make an effort to reach out to you to remind you of your obligations.

5.10.3 If there are repeated offences such as complaints or lack of contact, we will make every effort to reach out to you to discuss the situation. If this is not followed, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account immediately.

5.10.4 If there are suspicions of potential illegal activities within your company, we will not hesitate to report your details to the appropriate investigative authorities. We also have the authority to inform your customers about their rights and clarify that we solely operate as a telephone answering service on your behalf. This information will not be communicated to you.

5.10.5 Ensuring we have accurate contact information is crucial for you to receive your messages. We do not consider Automatic Replies as a valid form of notification.

Section 5.11: Formations. All submissions made before 4pm on a working day will be sent to Companies House for incorporation on that same day. Typically, incorporations are processed within 24 hours, but there may be delays from Companies House. For companies, including corporate officers, the processing time is at least 48 hours, but it could be quicker.

5.11.1 Not all formations are eligible for review by our team. If any errors are noticed, we will make every effort to contact you for correction. However, submissions with errors may still be sent to Companies House. We do not take responsibility for any inaccurate information. In order to rectify any of these mistakes, a service fee must be paid before the modification can be processed by Companies House.

6. Mailing Processes

6.1 Mail or Parcel Opening Procedure. We typically do not open a client's mail or parcels unless specifically asked. We retain the authority to open and examine any mail received if deemed necessary, such as suspicion of prohibited items, identifying the recipient, unauthorised use of our address, damaged items requiring repacking, or misuse of our address. We also have the authority to return, report to the authorities, or dispose of the mail.

6.2 Update of mail forwarding address. Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your mailing address is crucial. Feel free to access your account whenever you want to check or update your mailing address. We are not responsible for redirecting mail to an address you provided if it was entered incorrectly. A new Proof of Address is needed for any changes to the mailing address.

It is important to ensure that all contact information, such as mailing address, email address, and telephone numbers, is kept up to date to avoid any service suspension.

6.3 Mail returned due to forwarding. If a forwarded mail is sent back to us, such as when it's not collected from the local post office, refused by the recipient, or due to customs issues, we will inform you and request a different forwarding choice. If a response is not received within 7 days from our notification email, the mail will be returned to the sender without any additional notification, and your account will be placed on "Hold Address."

6.4 When a "We missed you card" is received, we are unable to collect mail from the local Post Office due to Royal Mail restrictions. Upon client request, we will scan and email the card. You are responsible for reaching out to the Post Office to collect the mail.

6.5 Mail signed for. Locations at 63– 66 Hatton Garden (London), 101 Rose Street South Lane (Edinburgh), and 64A Cumberland Street (Edinburgh) do not have staff present. As a result, signed mail and parcels are not accepted at those locations. We cannot guarantee liability for signed mail delivered to these locations.

6.6 Mail containing hazardous items, sharp needles, bodily fluids, covid tests, or any other dangerous substances will be destroyed promptly. Repeated violations could result in a temporary account suspension.

6.6.1 Mail items with perishables like food and drink should be picked up on the day of delivery to our offices. If the items have not been collected, they will be destroyed promptly.

6.7 We exclusively consider "Original Requests" for documents that could potentially lose quality and/or authenticity during scanning. These items can range from certificates, signed documents, perforated letters, to concealed pin numbers and other hidden-reveal mailing items.

6.8 If your account is considered more beneficial to this service, your mailing preferences may be changed to forwarding. You will receive notification of this adjustment within 2 weeks.

6.9 Unrecognised correspondence. If any mail is considered unidentifiable, we will make every effort to locate the correct account linked to the mail. If a letter is received without a company name or with multiple companies' names, it will be returned to the sender without notification to prevent any GDPR breaches. Parcels will be held for 7 days, and if not claimed, they will be securely destroyed.

6.10 If mail sent to you is returned to us, we will reach out to update your forwarding address. If we do not receive a response from you within 7 days, the item will be returned to the sender if feasible. Parcels will be safely disposed of.

7. Limitations on Service Use

7.1 Use that is unethical or against the law. Please refrain from using our services for any inappropriate, illegal, unethical, or immoral purposes, such as cold calling or spam return labels. If there are suspicions of this occurring, your account will either be suspended for further investigation or terminated.

7.2 Our addresses cannot be altered under any circumstances. This involves adding extra suites, office numbers, units, or any other modification to ensure the address is distinctive.

7.3 Personal Correspondence. Please refrain from using our address for personal mail.

7.4 DVLA. Please refrain from using our address with the DVLA. Any mail related to vehicles, such as vehicle registration, driving licence, parking tickets, speeding tickets, debt collectors, or enforcement agents for unpaid fines, will be returned to the sender without notification.

7.5 Vehicle Penalties. We do not accept responsibility for any penalties or fines related to vehicles, such as speeding fines, penalty charge notices, and parking charge notices, being sent to our address. This type of mail will be sent back to the sender without any notification.

7.6 Physical Address. Do not suggest that you are physically located at our address. We may inform any visitors to our office(s) that you use a virtual business address exclusively. If any instances are found, your entire account may be terminated.

7.7 Google. Google My Business prohibits the use of mail receiving/virtual address agencies as business addresses.

7.8 Types of Businesses. We have the authority to prohibit certain business categories at our discretion.

If any of the above is suspected to have been used, we may suspend and/or cancel your account immediately. No refunds will be provided.

8. Become a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) (Industry-specific)

8.1 In order to set up a reseller account, the account holder needs to submit the KYC Documents for both the account holder and all directors of the company.

8.2 Ensure that KYC documents are collected from other companies and stored with the Reseller/Partner. These can be requested at any time and must be provided within 7 days of the request, or else the account will be suspended. Violating this clause could result in a fine.

8.3 More companies should be included via the reseller account. When the US acts on your behalf, a secretarial service fee will be applied based on the amount being added.

8.4 Requests for invoices must be made exclusively through the client portal and cannot be submitted by phone, email, or any other written method. These can only be requested after the initial renewal reminder has been issued for the company.

8.5 Invoices will only be addressed to the Reseller/Partner, and we are unable to accommodate requests for individualised invoices for additional companies.

8.6 It is your duty to oversee the companies added to your account. Any services that have expired and not had their addresses updated on Companies House within one month

For service expiration, a £20 + VAT secretarial service fee will apply for filling out the RP07 form.

8.7 If a company added to your account needs the Directors Service Address, it will not be eligible for the reseller/partner discount and must be paid at full price.

8.8 Your exclusive discount code usage will be tracked. When necessary, if your tier is downgraded, your discount rate will be decreased, and you will receive notification. It's important to track your additional companies to ensure you qualify for the next tiered discount code promptly.

8.9 Resellers are not allowed to utilise third parties or other resellers to buy our services.

9. Off-the-Shelf Companies

9.1 Ready Made Once companies are acquired, they are subject to the refund policies outlined in Section 12. Nevertheless, if the company undergoes a transfer, whether partially or entirely, it will no longer qualify for a refund.

9.2 Companies that have not been transferred within 6 months of purchase or before the next Confirmation Statement or Accounts Filing on Companies House is due, whichever comes first, will be dissolved without notice and no refunds will be provided.

9.2.1 Should you decide to halt the dissolution process, all fees incurred must be settled to proceed.

9.3 Companies that have been transferred cannot be sold or transferred back to us.

9.4 Only we will handle the transfer of companies. Confirmation Statements will be provided for each transfer. To complete the transfer, the company must return the transfer form in full. Any delays will lead to a postponement in the transfer.

9.5 Any company acquired will have the transfer date matching the date of purchase on Companies House. We do not allow transfer dates to be retroactively changed to a specific time.

9.6 Whenever feasible, we will strive to ensure that all account filings on Companies House are submitted before the transfer. However, if the company is acquired before an accounting period is due, you will be responsible for completing this task.

9.7 Upon purchase, you are responsible for contacting all relevant bodies to inform them of your company's non-dormancy status.

10. Collaboration spaces

10.1 You have the option to reserve meeting spaces at any of our locations, following the opening hours established by the Owner.

corporation spaces, you need the "Virtual Business Address" or "Virtual Business Plus" service. Payment for booking a meeting space must be made in full either through our online booking system or over the phone after making the reservation through the app.

10.2.1 Reservations made through our Official App services only guarantee the selected time slot for up to 1 hour. Once the payment is processed, the booking is confirmed for acceptance as per Clause 13.1.

10.3 Printing and telephone services will not be made available to the Hirer under any condition unless pertaining to the health and safety of any/all attendees at the location of the hired space.

10.4 If any damage is found to be caused by the Hirer and/or any of the Hirer’s attendees, a charge of the cost of item, cost of repair plus a 20% fee will be charged to the Hirer, with an immediate suspension of the Hirer’s account until said fees are paid in full.

10.5 All Meeting Rooms are sold as seen on our website.

10.6 On the occasion that the Hirer arrives earlier than the recommended time or leaves the Meeting Room later than the time paid for, they will be subjected to the overrun fees as stated in the Booking Confirmation Email.

10.7 If any item as provided by the Owner, is at any stage during the hire appears to be faulty and/or not in relative working order, said item must be reported by the Hirer immediately to a member of staff on site.

10.8 You shall procure that no person: (a) fixes anything to the Rooms or Common Parts of the premises without the prior written consent of the Owner. (b) marks, soils, or damages the structure or contents of the Rooms or any part of the premises; (c) paints or constructs any object or structure inside the Rooms or any other part of the premises; (d) leaves anything in, or in any way obstructs, any stairwells or emergency exits or obstructs any notices of any emergency exits in the premises; (e) fails to comply with any of the safety procedures which have been notified to the Hirer by the Owner; (f) causes a nuisance to the other users of the premises;

10.9 You shall procure that no person brings any alcohol into our premises.

10.10 You shall ensure that all persons attending our meeting spaces are registered, so that, whilst in the premises there is an accurate record of who is in the building at all times.

10.11 The Owner and its servants or agents retain the right at all times during the Hire Period to enter the Rooms.

10.12 The Owner may for any reasonable cause refuse entry to the premises and procure the removal from the premises of any person or thing.

10.13 The Hirer agrees that at the end of the Hire Period it will advise the Owner of any damage caused to the Rooms and/or furniture and ensure that the Rooms/Kitchen Facilities are left in a tidy state.

10.14 The Hirer agrees that should it fail to remove any such items or equipment from the premises from the end of the Hire Period, the Owner shall be entitled to deal with such items or equipment as we, in our sole discretion, think fit.

10.15 If attendees are late for the start of their scheduled time slot, we will be unable to change meeting time slots to make up for missed time. No refunds will also be provided.

10.16 The Owner gives no warranty other than expressly agreed in writing by both parties that the Rooms are legally or physically fit for any specific purpose.

10.17 The Owner agrees that it shall not use or cause to be used any copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Hirer or any other third party without having obtained prior written consent from the relevant party.

10.18 The Owner shall have the right to terminate the Hire Agreement immediately without affecting its accrued rights by giving notice to the Hirer if:The Owner believes that: (a) the Hirer intends to use the Rooms for any purpose other than a business meeting; or (b) the meeting may lead to a breach of the peace or acts of violence may occur or damage may be occasioned to the Rooms or any other part of the premises or its contents.

10.19 The Hirer shall have no claim against the Owner for any loss or damage or liability incurred by the Hirer in consequence of the termination.

10.20 The owner may at any time with undue notice, close the premises for any purpose, no compensation or refund shall be made unless for the order of a Meeting Room.

10.21 Neither party shall be liable for delay in performing or failure to perform its obligations under the Hire Agreement if that delay or failure arises from or is attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond its reasonable control (a Force Majeure Event) including (but not limited to) any of the following: (a) Acts of God, including (but not limited to) fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster; extreme adverse weather conditions; (b) explosion or accidental damage; collapse of building structures, failure of machinery, computers or vehicles; (c) war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, breaking off of diplomatic relations or similar actions; terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots; pandemic; declaration of a state of emergency; nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom or the threat of or preparation for any such events or acts; or (d) voluntary or mandatory compliance with any law (including any change in the law or interpretation of the law); non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors; and interruption or failure of a utility service, including (but not limited to) electric power, gas or water.

10.22 If a meeting is prevented from taking place by reason of a Force Majeure Event, either party may terminate the Hire Agreement on giving notice to the other party in writing.

10.23 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other under the Hire Agreement shall be in writing and sent by email communication.

10.24 Liability & Indemnity. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Owner against any loss, damage, liability, expense, or costs incurred by the Owner as a result of any claim, demand or proceedings threatened or instituted against the Owner arising out of the negligence of the Hirer or its servants or agents during the use of the Rooms for the Function or any breach of the Hire Agreement and/or these Conditions.

10.25 The Hirer shall maintain, at its own cost, public liability insurance cover for the sum of at least two million pounds (£2,000,000) with a reputable insurance company or an underwriter of good repute at Lloyds, in respect of its liabilities pursuant to the Hire Agreement and these Conditions. Where the Hirer is a publicly funded body and self-insures, subject to the Hirer providing written evidence, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Owner, of the adequacy of such self-insurance, the Owner may in its absolute discretion agree that such arrangements as the Hirer has made to self-insure are sufficient to meet the Hirer’s obligations under this Condition (13.18) and the Hirer shall not be required to maintain additional insurance pursuant to this Condition.

10.26The Owner warrants to the Hirer that the hire of the Rooms and the provision of the Services will be provided with reasonable care and skill.

10.27Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Owner’s negligence, the Owner shall not be liable to the Hirer by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent), or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty of common law, or under the express terms of the Hire Agreement and/or the Conditions for any loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of the Owner, its servants or agents or otherwise) which arise out of or in connection with the hire of the Rooms or their use by the Hirer or the provision of the Services and entire liability of the Owner under or in connection with the Hire Agreement and/or these Conditions shall not exceed the amount of the Hire Charge.

10.28 Without prejudice to the generality of Conditions 10.24 and 10.27, the Hirer shall be responsible for, and shall indemnify and hold the Owner harmless:

10.28.1 for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, to the Hirer’s tools and equipment, or any tools, equipment or property belonging to any employees, agents, sub-contractors, or guests of the Hirer whilst in the premises and whether intended for use with the meeting space or not.

10.28.2 for any loss or damage to the premises arising out of the Hirer’s use of the Rooms or the premises whether in connection with the meeting space or not including all acts and omissions of its employees, agents, subcontractors, and guests whilst in the premises.

10.28.3 from any and all claims, demands and causes of action asserted by any third party (including without limitation the Hirer’s employees, agents, subcontractors or guests) for personal injury, death or loss of or damage to property resulting from the Hirer’s negligence, except where such personal injury, death or loss of or damage to property is the result in whole or part of the Owner’s negligence in which case the Hirer’s indemnity shall be in proportion to its allocable share of joint negligence, if any.

11. Corporate Lounge

11.1 The corporate lounge can only be used by one person per Account at a time. No individuals can attend at the same time.

11.1.1 Anyone who comes in must sign in at the entrance to verify the User's identity.

11.2 Arriving early at the location before opening times is not allowed.

11.3 The Fair Usage Policy time limit is set to 8 Hours per Company per calendar month, unless authorised by the Owner or any servant/agent of the Business. You agree that the Owner or any servant/agent of the Business will log the usage of facilities to monitor compliance.

11.3.1 If the facilities are used beyond the monthly limit, the User must submit a written request to the Owners in advance for a possible agreement on an additional fee.

11.4 Maximum occupancy for the Corporate lounge areas is limited to 15 people at any given time, unless specified by the Owner or their representative.

11.4.1If the facilities have reached maximum occupancy, the user acknowledges that the owners cannot guarantee additional space. The use of Meeting Rooms will not be provided for free but can be accessed by paying the standard rates.

11.5 The owner reserves the right to close the premises at any time without prior notice, and no compensation or refund will be provided.

11.6 All patrons of the Corporate Lounge Areas must adhere to the Terms & Conditions outlined in Sections 10 and 11. It is advisable to either print a hard copy or save these Terms of Business on your computer for future use.

12. Payment Policy

12.1 All payments made are subject to the refund policy.

12.2 Payments are accepted through our online payment service via debit or credit card.

12.2.1 All payments are required to be made in GBP. Customers are responsible for any fees associated with taking or refunding payments.

12.2.2 Customer accounts will only be activated once the order has been fully paid.

12.3 Refunds will not be issued for any paid periods unless requested within 14 days from the date of order. Refunds, if eligible, will be issued within 30 days. All refunds are subject to a £10.00 or 10% administrative fee, whichever amount is higher. Kindly send refund requests to via email for consideration.

12.3.1 Refunds are not available once the company has been successfully incorporated, mail processed, meeting rooms booked, or renewal payments made.

12.3.2 If a promotion/discount/offer is missed, no refunds will be given retroactively.

12.3.3 After 6 months from the service expiration date, any unclaimed Postal Deposit will not be refundable.

12.4 Service Transfer. We offer services on a per company basis. You have the flexibility to cancel the service at any time, but it cannot be transferred to a different company.

12.5 You will receive a renewal notice via email 30 days before and at regular intervals leading up to the renewal date. If payment to renew is not confirmed by the renewal date, the service will be discontinued without additional notice. Mail will be promptly returned to sender, calls will not be answered without notification, and any parcels received will be destroyed.

12.6 Any renewals occurring after the cancellation date, but within the initial six months, will maintain their original renewal date. If the address has been utilised for more than six months, the renewal will maintain its original renewal date. Otherwise, the new payment date will become the new renewal date.

12.6.1 Any renewals made after the initial six months will necessitate resubmitting your KYC Documents before reactivating your account with us.

12.6.2 The service renewal may be declined for any reason.

12.7 Payments that have been disputed at the bank will lead to the immediate suspension of your account. In order to reactivate your services, you must either cancel the charge back or repay the required fee for the service along with a £20 fee.

12.7.1 If there are multiple separate transactions in dispute with your bank and you want to maintain your services with us, you will be required to pay the additional fees for each disputed transaction.

13. Evidence of Identification and Address

The following documents are needed as evidence of identification and address:

13.1 Government-issued photo ID: This is the most common type of ID accepted for proof of identification. Examples include passport, driver's licence, national ID card, etc.

13.1.1 Military ID: For active military personnel, a valid military ID card might suffice.

13.1.2 Birth certificate: While not always accepted on its own, a birth certificate can be used in conjunction with another form of ID.

13.2 Proof of Address:

13.2.1 Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, internet): This is a widely accepted form of address verification. Ensure the bill is recent (issued within the last 3 months) and displays your full name and address.

13.2.3 Bank statement: A recent bank statement (again, within the last 3 months) showing your full name and address can be used.

13.2.4 Credit card statement: Similar to bank statements, a recent credit card statement can often be accepted.

13.2.5 Lease agreement: If you're renting your residence, a copy of your lease agreement with your name and address is a valid proof of address.

13.2.6 Tax documents: Recent tax documents showing your name and address can be used for verification.

14. Service Termination

14.1 If you need to cancel, please refer to our cancellation policy. If you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you have the option to cancel this agreement at any time (Section 12.3). For any eligible refunds, please consult Section 12 above.

14.2. Cancellation by us. We retain the authority to suspend or terminate any service immediately for various reasons, such as non-payment, suspected involvement in immoral or illegal activities, registering a vehicle with DVLA using our address, receiving personal mail at our address, engaging in inappropriate behaviour, or any other misuse of our service.

14.3 Result of cancellation by us. If services are suspended or cancelled by us before the end of an agreed term, we are not obligated to refund you for services already paid for, other services, or any other incurred loss or expense.

14.4 Proper behaviour. When reaching out to us, it is important to always behave politely and follow our guidelines regarding conduct and respect for others, our property, and our employees' well-being.

14.5 Inappropriate behaviour. Behaviours we deem inappropriate or unacceptable, whether in person or on the telephone, include creating excessive noise and any actions that may be perceived as intimidating, harmful, disruptive, or offensive by others. We may suspend or cancel any service immediately for conduct we deem inappropriate.

14.6 Bailiffs and Debt Collectors. If a bailiff or debt collector visits our premises, we may cancel the service you have with us. We also have the option to share your information with a bailiff or debt collector if necessary.

14.7 Address discrepancy on Companies House. The client should ensure that Companies House is informed of the correct address. Once the service is terminated and no longer active, our If the address is still in use on Companies House, appropriate actions will be taken to remove it following Companies House procedures. Customers will be informed whenever feasible.

14.8 All complaints should be addressed through email. If you have any concerns about our services, please send an email to All complaints must be submitted via email to be considered.

15. Exclusive Corporate Offers

No matter what your company need, we have partnered with other companies to bring you a variety of discounts and deals.

15.1 No other discounts or promotions are valid in conjunction with this offer.

15.2 These offers cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred to another person.

15.3 The availability, modification, or discontinuation of offers is subject to change and may occur at any moment without prior warning.

15.4 Our partners' offers are limited to the products and services specified in those offers.

15.4.1 Third parties may get some of your personal data, such as your email address, after you have submitted an application for a job.

15.5 The customer is liable for any applicable taxes or other fees.

15.6, Any problems with third-party vendors are not the responsibility of Rajoka Accountants Ltd, and any returns and exchanges will be processed in line with the respective companies' policies.

15.7 Without prior warning, our partners may terminate or alter the offer(s) displayed on their website.

15.8 While you view any of our partner websites, little text files called "cookies" will be stored on your hard disc by your web browser. In addition to providing information to the site's proprietors, they are commonly utilised to make websites functional or more efficient. Cookies allow the web servers of our business partners to recognise you and keep tabs on what you do and what pages you view when you visit their site.

15.8.1 The partners that work with us may utilise "cookies," which are small text files saved on your computer that are either destroyed when you shut your browser or remain on your computer until you tell it to delete them or until a certain amount of time has elapsed. For every partner, the default cookie duration will be different.

15.8.2 If you continue with the agreement, our partners will be able to utilise cookies in line with our policy.

15.9 Customers accept these terms and conditions when they redeem an offer.

16. Awin Partner Program

16.1 This programme is run in partnership with Affiliate Window, a top affiliate network in the UK. These terms and conditions outline your involvement in the Rajoka Accountants affiliate programme (the "Rajoka Affiliate Programme"). Within this document, the terms "we," "us," or "our" specifically pertain to Rajoka Accountants Limited. By joining the Affiliate Programme, you are expected to comply with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, it is advisable not to participate in the Affiliate Programme.

16.2 Submitting a thorough and precise registration form is the first step in starting the enrolment process. Your application will be reviewed promptly, and you can expect to receive a decision within 2-3 business days. We have the authority to decline any application at our discretion.

16.3 Given your role as an affiliate, you will receive exclusive links to our website (referred to as the "Links"). Ensure that the Links are used in compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and all relevant laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to determine the placement and display of the Links on your website.

16.4 In accordance with company policy, current partners with Rajoka Accountants Limited are ineligible to join our affiliate programme.

16.5 Our programme is exclusively for first-time buyers. No additional payments will be processed for client renewals.

16.6 You will receive a commission for all product sales generated through the links on your website, except for our 'Ready Made Companies' and 'Company Formation Only' packages. The commission rate is currently set at 10%, but it is subject to potential changes without prior notice.

16.6.1 While a 20% discount code is applied, a 10% deduction will be made from any commission owed before payment is approved.

16.6.2 Our commission payment is calculated based on the net value excluding VAT.

16.7 Payments are only processed for completed transactions. No commission will be paid if an order is cancelled by the client within 14 days of purchase.

16.7.1 Payments will be made monthly. New clients are required to have been with us for at least 14 days before payments can be approved.

16.8 The period of this agreement shall start when we accept your application and finish when one of us decides to end it. You or we are each allowed to provide the other party written notice to end this agreement at any moment, with or without reason.

16.9 We shall not be held responsible for any indirect, special, or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits, or data, related to this agreement or the Affiliate Programme, regardless of prior notification of such damages. In addition, our total liability related to this agreement and the Affiliate Programme will not surpass the total commissions you have been paid or are owed under this agreement.

16.10 Any changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement may be made at any time and at our discretion by posting a change notice or a new agreement on our affiliate programme. Adjustments could involve alterations such as changes in commission availability, commission schedules, payment processes, and rules of the Affiliate Programme.

16.11 Small text files are stored on your computer's hard drive via your web browser when you visit a website. These are commonly utilised to optimise website functionality and provide insights to site owners.

16.12 Similar to other cookie users, we may ask for information from your computer when your browser seeks a web page from our server. Our web server uses cookies to recognise you and monitor your activities and page visits on our site. Our cookies can either be temporary and deleted when you close your browser, or they can be stored on your computer until you remove them or a specific time period elapses. Our standard cookie expires after 30 days. By accepting these terms, you are giving consent to our use of cookies as outlined in this policy.

17. Liability and User Safeguards

17.1 Salary and benefits. Any claim for compensation must not exceed one month's service cost because of the nature of our services. Claims for damages based on indirect harm to your company will not be accepted.

17.2 Liability Insurance. You completely agree to hold us harmless from any claim of any kind by agreeing to these conditions. In addition, you confirm that you will address any claims with the third party directly, and that we shall be fully indemnified against any claims made by any third party, regardless of the cause. There will be no recourse for damages or reimbursements in the event that the third party is unable to complete the job as promised.

17.3 Restrictions on Legal Responsibility. Regardless of the legal basis, we will never be held responsible for any financial loss you may incur as a result of the Contract, including but not limited to: lost sales or revenue; corrupted or lost data, information, or software; missed business opportunities; unanticipated savings; damaged or lost goodwill; or indirect or consequential loss.

18. Additional Terms

18.1 The assignment of our rights and responsibilities under a Contract to another entity shall not affect the validity or enforceability of our obligations hereunder or to you.

18.2 You must obtain our written consent before you can assign your rights or responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions to another party.

18.3 The two sides have reached an accord. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999 states that only the parties to the contract have the power to enforce its provisions.

18.4 The paragraphs that make up these Terms and Conditions are all self-contained. The remaining paragraphs will remain valid and enforceable notwithstanding any decision by a court or applicable body to the contrary.

18.5 No delay or omission in performing any obligation or exercising any right under these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as a waiver of any such right or obligation. Our sole discretion to waive a default is to do so in writing; nevertheless, this shall not be construed as an automatic waiver of any subsequent defaults on your part.

18.6 Rest assured, we will spare no effort in keeping your sensitive information secret.

18.7 The parties are not entering into a partnership or an agency arrangement by virtue of these Terms and Conditions.

18.8 The way these Terms are named will not affect how they are interpreted.

18.9 English and Welsh law shall govern this Contract and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) relating to or emanating from it.

18.10 Any dispute or legal matter arising out of or relating to a Contract, its subject matter, or its formation (including claims or disagreements that are not contractual in nature) shall be exclusively resolved by the courts of England and Wales.

18.11 Update on address (18.11). Any place (office or address) can be changed, adjusted, or closed down by giving us 14 days' written notice. A new meeting place will be given. You won't get your money back, even partially, if you change your mind and don't use the new address.

18:12 Disclosure Notification. Nothing you send or receive, including any business information we may obtain, will ever be shared with anybody not directly involved in providing our service to you or our business partners. If we have reason to believe that our services are being used for illegal purposes, we retain the right to share information with relevant authorities.

19. Proprietary Rights

19.1. This website is owned by Rajoka Accountants Limited and is protected by copyright. We retain all other rights to our intellectual property. The information presented on this website is the exclusive property of Rajoka Accountants Limited and is safeguarded by copyright laws both domestically and abroad. You must obtain our explicit approval before you can frame or enclose any trademark, logo, or proprietary information (including images, content, page layout, or form) belonging to Rajoka Accountants Limited.

19.2 Rajoka Accountants Limited owns or has a valid licence to use all intellectual property rights in the website and its content, including but not limited to the website's design, structure, layout, text, graphics, and all software and source codes associated with the website.

19.3 The property of Rajoka Accountants Limited includes all copyrighted information on all of its websites. You are not allowed to copy or distribute in any way, shape, or form any part of our websites, including but not limited to any trademarked text, photos, logos, source code, or other content. Under UK copyright law, it is criminal to reproduce any content stolen from any of our websites.

20. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Measures

20.1. Rajoka Accountants Limited ("the Company") will follow all UK anti-money-laundering (AML) rules and regulations. Money laundering, terrorist funding, and other unlawful acts cannot be facilitated by the use of the Company's services, as outlined in this policy.

20.2 Everyone associated with the Company, including its contractors, agents, clients, and users of virtual office services, is bound by this policy.

20.3 For the purpose of implementing and ensuring compliance with this policy, the Office Manager will be appointed by the Company to the position of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer ("AMLCO"). If the AMLCO suspects illegal or otherwise questionable behaviour, they can notify the proper authorities immediately.

20.4: Customer Due Diligence (CDD). The Company will make sure the clients are who they say they are before they provide virtual office services. Acquiring and confirming the following information is part of this process:

20.4.1 Persons seeking services: A complete name, current mailing address, birthdate, and a government-issued photo ID (such as a passport or driver's licence) are required.

20.4.2 Business clients: Provide the complete name of the company, its registered address, its registration number, information about who owns a majority stake, and evidence that the company is legally existing.

20.5. EDD, or Enhanced Due Diligence. Company policy dictates that increased due diligence procedures will be implemented for clients posing a higher risk of money laundering or terrorism funding. The client's risk profile, business operations, and funding sources may need to be further investigated.

20.6 In order to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorists, the company will keep a close eye on its customers' every move. Part of this process involves checking up on customers and their spending habits on a frequent basis.

20.7. The AMLCO shall be promptly notified by any employee or agent of the Company who thinks or has reasonable grounds to believe that a customer is involved in money laundering or terrorism financing. After then, the AMLCO will take stock of the situation and, if called upon by law, submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) to the proper authorities.

20.8 All appropriate employees and agents shall receive ongoing training from the Company on anti-money laundering policies and procedures as well as applicable laws and regulations. The training sessions will be revised as necessary to make sure that everyone understands their role in combating the funding of terrorism and money laundering.

20.9. Customers' due diligence information, transaction records, and other pertinent correspondence will be appropriately recorded by the company. The necessary time for keeping these records will be determined by the laws and regulations of the UK.

20.10 In order to make sure they are still in compliance with AML requirements, the company will review their policies and procedures on a regular basis to see how well they are working.

20.11 In the event that any investigation into allegations of money laundering, terrorism funding, or other unlawful acts is launched, the Company will cooperate completely with the appropriate authorities, including regulatory and law enforcement bodies.

20.12 All of the Company's workers, independent contractors, and customers are required to have access to this Anti-Money Laundering Policy, which can be done through the website or any other suitable method.

20.12.1 There will be disciplinary measures, up to and including termination of employment or contract, for those who do not adhere to this policy.

20.12.2 Rajoka Accountants Limited is committed to protecting its clients from financial crime and maintaining the greatest ethical standards in all that it does. This policy outlines the measures the company will take to combat money laundering.

21. Compliance with Financial Sanctions Reply

21.1 Rajoka Accountants Limited ("the Company") affirms its intention to adhere to all UK laws and regulations pertaining to financial sanctions. The steps and processes that the Company has put in place to guarantee full compliance with financial sanctions regulations are detailed in this policy.

21.2 The Company's clients and customers who utilise the virtual office services, in addition to all employees, contractors, and agents of the company are subject to this policy.

21.3 The Company has appointed the Office Manager to the position of Sanctions Compliance Officer ("SCO"), whose job it is to ensure that this policy is being followed and enforced. The SCO's responsibility is to keep the Company apprised of any changes to applicable sanctions rules and to notify the proper authorities without delay in the event of a possible violation.

21.4 Financial penalties rules, regulations, and the Company's responsibilities to comply with them shall be covered in regular training sessions for all workers and relevant individuals. The purpose of this training is to teach employees to recognise and report any sanctions violations and to make them more aware of the consequences of not complying.

21.5 Any person, organisation, or country that is liable to financial sanctions will not be dealt with, transacted with, or provided services to by the Company. The OFSI Consolidated List, which includes entities from the United Kingdom, as well as any other applicable sanctions lists, fall under this category.

21.5.1 The business will not intentionally assist in or condone any action with the intent to avoid financial penalties. Helping customers hide who really benefits from transactions, using elaborate schemes to avoid sanctions, or anything else that goes against the spirit of sanctions legislation is all part of this.

21.6 The Company will make sure its clients are not in violation of any financial sanctions and will perform thorough customer due diligence before granting them virtual office services. In order to ensure compliance, the CDD process will cross-reference client information with applicable sanctions lists.

21.7 percent In order to identify possible violations of financial sanctions legislation, the Company will constantly monitor its clients' activity. This involves keeping an eye out for any unusual or illegal activity by reviewing client data and transaction trends on a regular basis.

21.8 Upon becoming aware of or suspecting a violation of financial sanctions legislation, any agent or employee of the company is obligated to promptly notify the SCO. Following this, the SCO will conduct an evaluation and, if deemed essential, will comply with legal requirements by submitting a report to the relevant authorities.

21.9 The business will keep record of all interactions pertaining to sanctions compliance, as well as records of transactions and information pertaining to customer due diligence. The necessary time for keeping these records will be determined by the laws and regulations of the UK.

21.10 The Company's website or other suitable method of making this Financial Sanctions Policy available to all employees, contractors, and clients of the Company is required.

21.10.1 Sanctions, up to and including dismissal from employment or contract, may be imposed for violations of this policy.

Section 21.10.2 The dedication to ethical business operations and compliance with financial sanctions legislation is demonstrated by Rajoka Accountants Limited's adherence to this policy.

22. Anti-Terrorist Financing Measures

22.1 The prevention of the use of its services for the financing of terrorist activities is a priority for Rajoka Accountants Limited ("the Company"). In accordance with relevant UK laws and regulations, this policy details the steps the Company takes to identify and report any suspicious activity that could be associated with terrorist funding.

22.2 This policy applies to everybody associated with the Company, whether they are workers, independent contractors, agents, clients, or users of the virtual office services.

Section 22.3 All employees and related individuals will receive regular training from the company to educate them about the risks of terrorist financing, the warning signs, and their roles in identifying and reporting suspicious activities. To keep everyone informed about the ever-changing terrorist funding dangers, training sessions will be updated as necessary.

22.4 When it comes to clients who pose a greater threat of being involved in terrorist funding, the company will take heightened consumer due diligence efforts. This encompasses both persons and organisations with ties to or based in jurisdictions or sectors known for their high risk.

Section 22.4.1 The company will make sure its customers are who they say they are before letting them use its virtual office services. Acquiring and confirming the following information is part of this process:

22.4.2 Persons engaging in individual services: complete name, permanent residence, birthdate, and a legitimate government-issued photo ID (such as a passport or driver's licence).

22.4.3 Commercial customers: The complete name of the business, its registered address, its registration number, information about who owns a majority stake, and evidence of the company's legitimacy.

22.5 In order to prevent the funding of terrorism, the company will keep a close eye on its customers' transactions and any questionable activity. That encompasses

reviewing client data, transaction trends, and commercial partnerships on a frequent basis.

22.6 Any individual, entity, or group that has been identified as a terrorist or related to terrorism financing by appropriate authorities or international agencies will not be engaged in any business dealings, transactions, or provided with services by the Company.

22.6 The Company shall/will not fully assist or condone any action with the intent to fund terrorist groups or terrorist attacks. Among other things, this encompasses taking or handling money from entities linked to or suspected of funding terrorism.

22.7 The Company's authorised Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer (AMLCO) must be notified without delay if any agent or employee has suspicions or knowledge that a client's actions are connected to the funding of terrorism. After then, the AMLCO will take stock of the situation and, if called upon by law, submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) to the proper authorities.

22.8 In order to discover and disclose terrorist financing, the company will keep proper records of customer due diligence information, transaction records, and any pertinent correspondence. The necessary time for keeping these records will be determined by the laws and regulations of the UK.

22.9 The Company's website or other suitable method of making this Terrorist Financing Policy available to all employees, contractors, and clients of the Company is required.

22.91 Serious disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment or contract, may be taken against those who do not adhere to this policy.

Section 22.9.2 Rajoka Accountants Limited is committed to protecting its clients' information and bolstering worldwide efforts to stem the flow of terrorist funds by strictly enforcing this Terrorist Financing Policy.

23. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Procedures

23.1 The purpose of this document is to lay out the steps that Rajoka Accountants Limited ("the Company") will take to ensure that its services are not utilised for illegal financial transactions. The purpose of these protocols is to guarantee adherence to UK anti-money laundering (AML) rules and regulations.

23.2 In order to ensure the safety of its virtual office services, the company will check the clients' identities before granting them access. Acquiring and confirming the following information is part of this process:

23.2.1. Full name, home address, date of birth, and a government-issued form of identification (such as a passport or driver's licence) are required of individual clients under section.

23.2.2. Full name of the firm, registered address, company registration number, information on beneficial ownership, and evidence of the company's legal existence are required of corporate clients under section.

23.3 The Company will do more thorough due diligence on clients that pose a greater risk of money laundering. The client's risk profile, business operations, and funding sources may need to be further investigated.

23.4 The company will verify if any member of the client's immediate family is a PEP or if the client is a PEP's close associate. If this status is confirmed, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment of the business connection by applying increased due diligence.

23.5 The company will keep a close eye on its customers in order to spot any questionable activity or transactions that could point to money laundering. This involves keeping tabs on commercial ties, reviewing client information, and analysing transaction trends on a regular basis.

23.6 The company will use systems that track transactions in order to spot any suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary ones according to established rules. Further investigation will be conducted on any transactions that cause suspicion.

23.7 The designated Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer (AMLCO) shall be notified without delay if any agent or employee of the Company discovers or suspects any action pertaining to money laundering. After then, the AMLCO will take stock of the situation and, if called upon by law, submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) to the proper authorities.

23.8 In order to prevent and detect money laundering, the company shall keep the necessary records of customer due diligence information, transactions, and any pertinent correspondence. The necessary time for keeping these records will be determined by the laws and regulations of the UK.

23. 9 All appropriate employees and agents shall receive ongoing training from the Company on anti-money laundering policies and procedures as well as applicable laws and regulations. To make sure everyone knows what they need to do to stop money laundering, training sessions will be revised as necessary.

23.10 To maintain compliance with AML rules, the Company will examine its AML procedures on a regular basis to see how well they are working and to make any required modifications.

23.11 All Company employees, contractors, and clients are required to have access to these Anti-Money Laundering Policy Procedures, which can be done through the Company's website or other suitable methods.

23.11.1 The infraction of these protocols may lead to disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal from one's position or contract.

23.11.2 Rajoka Accountants Limited pledges to prevent money laundering in accordance with these Anti-Money Laundering Procedures and to act with the utmost honesty and integrity at all times.

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