WOWL-The Wise Owl of Bryxo
Wowl, our resident wise owl, offers insightful guidance on navigating the ever-changing business world. From startups to established businesses, Wowl's expertise helps them succeed.


Free Accounting Software

From the future, designed for businesses of all sizes.

Wowl: Where Collaboration Takes Flight

WOWL understands that true success blossoms from collaboration. Here, owls with diverse expertise gather, their knowledge forming a powerful network. From accounting owls with an uncanny knack for numbers to marketing owls with a keen eye for trends, each contributes their unique perspective to create a symphony of success.


Wowl Builds Your Business Story

Wowl isn't just about calculating numbers; he's about building partnerships. He sees every client not as a transaction but as a story waiting to be written. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to clarity, Wowl and his team become more than just accountants; they become trusted advisers, mentors, and cheerleaders.


A Story of Knowledge and Growth

One Team, One Goal

Remember, at Bryxo, everyone is a Wowl. Our customer support heroes, marketing mavericks, legal eagles, and business strategists all become Wowls, working together seamlessly to orchestrate a symphony of exceptional service and expert guidance.


No More Inbox Chaos!
Wowl Organises Your Business, Instantly

Find Anything, Anywhere, Instantly

Organise Intuitively:

With Wowl, the wizards of Bryxo, your operations become effortless. Wowl's expertise and our automated software seamlessly categorise and tag your information, eliminating the need for manual filing.

Access on the Go:

Bryxo is accessible from any device, at any time. Need a quick reference to a client email or a crucial sales report while you're on the move? Bryxo's Wowl has you covered, ensuring you always have the information you need at your fingertips.


Enhance Your Productivity with Wowl

Wowl helps you get more done.


Talk to a Wowl?

Ready to embark on your own financial journey? Contact Bryxo today and let Wowl and his team of owls help you take flight!

Wow Them Every Step of the Way with Wowl

Want Happy Customers? Meet Wowl.!

Experience the Wowl Difference

At Bryxo, we're committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. That's why we've introduced our team of Wowl experts, who helps us personalise your journey and ensure seamless interactions at every touch point.

 •  Get the Answers You Need Fast

 •  Personalised Support Throughout

Bryxo is a suite of business apps and services that serve businesses of all sizes, providing solutions for critical functions like legal services, accounting, customer relationship management, e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale systems, and project management, etc.

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