Who We Are?

We're all about making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Our super user-friendly online forms take the headache out of company formation. Just 15 minutes is all it takes to get your business up and running! Yep, that's faster than waiting in line for your favourite coffee. Be Your Own Boss With BRYXO And Ditch The STRESS!



Unwavering Commitment

Crafting exceptional software is akin to creating fine art, requiring dedication and time. Our teams invest years honing their skills to produce beloved products that resonate with customers. For us, software is more than just a job; it's our passion.



Powering the Future with Cutting Edge Technology

We hold the belief that software embodies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and intellect. Our pride lies in crafting products and solutions that address business challenges, anticipate requirements, and uncover growth opportunities to support your journey.

Beyond Luck: 25 Years of R&D Expertise Delivers 55+ Innovative Products. We don't leave innovation to chance. Our dedication to R&D fuels a steady stream of groundbreaking solutions. (Emphasizes the strategic nature of R&D)


No Hidden Agendas, Just Privacy

We believe in building a strong foundation with our customers. That's why we never show ads within our products, free or paid. We also don't sell your user information – your data belongs to you, and you alone. By eliminating third-party trackers, we empower you to focus on what matters most – running your business. This commitment to customer privacy and a clean user experience fosters trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to mutual success.


A Force for Good, Built for Success

Unlike many companies, we prioritize what truly matters: our customers. Free from investor pressure for short-term gains, we can focus on developing long-term solutions that truly benefit our users.

This independence empowers a unique approach. We think differently, reflected in everything we do – from innovative product development to attracting passionate talent. Our commitment to this approach has built a thriving global community of reliable customers, partners and entrepreneurs.


Your Go-To Solution for a Smooth Experience

Our philosophy is that software should solve problems rather than create them. That's why we avoid multi-year contracts with fixed price hikes and aggressive sales tactics. Our products can be tailored to your needs, with flexible payment options to suit any budget. Transparency is key to us, reflected in both our pricing and privacy policy.


Breakthrough Solutions for Modern Challenges

Go beyond single products or limited suites. When you decide to choose Bryxo, you get the operating system for business – the culmination of over a decade of dedicated engineering and design.

With more than 55 deeply integrated apps, accessible on both web and mobile, Bryxo offers a solution for virtually every business need. And if your specific requirement isn't there yet, you can be confident we're likely building it soon.


Global Reach, Local Impact

At Bryxo, we believe being a global company comes with a responsibility to be a good citizen. That's why we go beyond simply doing business – we actively seek ways to give back to the communities we call home.

Our commitment takes many forms. We've provided subscription relief to businesses hit by natural disasters, ensuring they can weather the storm. We've also invested in building solar farms, actively reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Bryxo wasn't built in a day

Explore our journey through the years.


Tired of repetitive tasks slowing you down? Bryxo RPA is your key to unlocking peak efficiency. Automate routine chores across Windows, Excel, and web applications, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Bryxo Tables seamlessly connects your people, processes, and information, creating a powerful hub for teamwork.

Stop juggling tasks and spreadsheets. Bryxo Practice centralizes client management, simplifies workflows, and facilitates real-time collaboration, bringing your practice to the next level.

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A New Beginning in 2021

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The Bryxo Brains

We're more than just a virtual office – we're your dedicated partner in success. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Mehmood Rajoka

CEO & Founder of BRYXO

Bryxo founder Mehmood Rajoka aimed to simplify business needs by creating a platform for all-sized businesses to boost productivity and improve efficiency.


Usama Tahir

Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Usama Tahir, Bryxo's dynamic Marketing Director, spearheading innovative strategies to propel the company's growth and presence in the market.


Muhammad Husnain

Full Stack Developer

M Husnain, our Full Stack Developer, is the architect behind the seamless integration of front-end and back-end technologies in our digital solutions.


Milka Tariq

Content Writer

Introducing Milka Tariq, our talented Content Writer, weaving words into captivating narratives that resonate with our audience.

Bryxo makes growing business effortless.

Bryxo is a suite of business apps and services that serve businesses of all sizes, providing solutions for critical functions like legal services, accounting, customer relationship management, e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale systems, and project management, etc.

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