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Last updated November 2020

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How We Secure and Utilize Your Information?


Data Owner and Controller

Data Categories

Processing location and method of the data

In-depth information about how Personal Data is processed

Our Confidentiality Agreement


This website gathers certain Personal Data from users.

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Data Owner and Controller

Virtual Office Location: Henleaze Business Centre, 13 Harbury Road,
Contact Email for Owner:

Data Categories

This website collects various types of information to function effectively and provide you with the best possible experience. Here's a breakdown of what we collect and how it's used:

• Personal Details: This may include information like your name, contact details (phone number, email, address), company information (VAT number, company name, profession), and demographic data (date of birth, country, etc.).

• Usage Data: Information is automatically collected about your activity on the website, such as pages visited and time spent.

• Technical Data: Information about your device, including operating system, browser version, and location (with your permission).

• Optional Information: We may request additional details like website, employee count, or marital status, but these are not mandatory for using the service.

Transparency is our priority. We provide detailed explanations of what information we collect and why in dedicated sections of our privacy policy. Additionally, specific prompts may appear before data collection to ensure your informed consent.

Your information is essential for providing our services. Certain details, like your name and contact information, are necessary for us to fulfil your requests.

You have control. We never require non-essential information, and you can choose not to provide it without affecting the core functionality of the website.

Security and Responsibility. We take data security seriously and utilise responsible collection and usage practices.

Third-Party Services: Any third-party services used on the website may also collect data under their own policies. We are not responsible for their practices, but we encourage you to review their policies for complete understanding. We encourage you to explore our privacy policy for further details and contact us if you have any questions.

Processing location and method of the data

We prioritize your data's security. Advanced technology safeguards information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Only authorized personnel (internal or external, when necessary) can access your data under strict protocols aligned with collection purposes. A continuously updated list of these parties is available upon request.

The Data is processed in any location where the parties involved in the processing are situated, including the Owner's operating offices.

The necessity of transferring the User's data to a foreign country may be contingent upon the User's geographical location. Users seeking additional information regarding the location where transmitted data is processed may refer to the section that provides specifics regarding the processing of personal data.

Personal Data will only be processed and stored for as long as needed for the reason they were gathered, unless this document says otherwise. They may be kept longer if required by law or with the users' permission.

What the work is for
The Owner collects information about the User so that it can provide the Service, follow the law, make sure its rights and interests are protected (as well as those of its Users or third parties), find any malicious or fraudulent behaviour, and do the following: Analytics, Getting in Touch With The User, Using External Social Networks and Platforms, Monitoring Infrastructure, Using Live Chat Platforms, Advertising Keeping track of friends and sending messages, Taking care of activities related to productivity, Management of Tags, Putting up information from outside sites, Remarketing and behavioural targeting, Taking care of data gathering and online surveys, Heat mapping and recording sessions, and Signing up and proving who you are.

The part called "Detailed information on the processing of personal data" can give the User more information about the Personal Data that is used for each purpose.

In-depth information about how Personal Data is processed

We gather personal information for the following reasons and to use the following services:


At Bryxo, we're dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes unlock their full potential. Our comprehensive suite of innovative solutions is designed to empower your growth, simplify your operations, and drive success.

At Bryxo, we're committed to helping you drive meaningful engagement with your audience through successful engagement drives. Our comprehensive suite of innovative solutions includes everything you need to optimise engagement across all touchpoints, from social media and email marketing to customer support and feedback channels.

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Statistical Analysis

We Use Analytics to Understand How You Use Our Website

This section details the services we use to monitor website traffic and understand user behavior. This information helps us improve your experience by:

• Seeing how you interact with the website: We track which pages you visit, how much time you spend on them, and your overall browsing patterns.

• Optimising content and features: Based on user behaviour insights, we can tailor content and features to better meet your needs.

The services we use include:
• Google Analytics: A widely used tool for website traffic analysis.

• Place of processing: While Birmingham, UK, is listed, Google may process data in other locations. (Refer to Google's privacy policy for details.)

• Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking: Connects Facebook ad activity with user actions on our website.

• LinkedIn Conversion Tracking: Similar to Facebook Ads, but for LinkedIn advertising.

• Microsoft Advertising Universal Event Tracking: Tracks user actions related to Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

• MixPanel: Another popular analytics service.

• Hotjar: Provides insights into user behaviour on forms and conversion funnels.

Data Privacy:
We take data privacy seriously. These services collect anonymized or pseudonymized data (not directly identifying you) for website analytics purposes. Additionally, some services offer opt-out mechanisms if you wish to limit data collection.

Transparency is important.
For more details on specific services and their privacy policies, please refer to the provided links.

Getting in touch with the user

Engaging with users involves establishing effective communication channels to address inquiries, offer support, and foster relationships. By facilitating seamless interactions, businesses can better understand user needs and provide personalised assistance, enhancing overall satisfaction and retention.


Displaying content via external platforms allows for seamless integration of multimedia elements and dynamic features, enriching the user's interaction with the website. This approach enhances engagement and fosters a more immersive browsing experience, catering to diverse preferences and optimising content delivery.

Task Management For Increased Productivity

Achieve more in less time! Our powerful task management tools help you stay organised and focused. Prioritise tasks, set clear deadlines, and track progress visually. This comprehensive system empowers you to streamline your workflow and maximise productivity.

User Interaction Analysis: Heat Maps & Recordings

We analyze clicks, scrolls, and user journeys (via Heat Maps & Recordings) to optimize the website for a smoother experience.

Infrastructure Monitoring Practices

We employ a comprehensive set of infrastructure monitoring practices to proactively identify and address potential issues. This ensures our systems are functioning optimally, minimising downtime, and maintaining peak performance for a seamless user experience.

Social Sharing and Community Building

Share our content on your favourite social media platforms and join the conversation! We actively use social media to connect with you, share valuable content, and build a thriving online community. Follow us for updates, insights, and opportunities to interact with us and fellow users.

Live Chat Functionality and Support

Connect with our friendly and knowledgeable support team instantly through our Live Chat functionality. Ask questions, get quick solutions, and resolve any issues you might encounter, all within the comfort of your web browser.


Managing contact details and facilitating communication through various channels to engage effectively with users. This includes handling inquiries, responding to messages, and maintaining a streamlined process for smooth interaction.


Overseeing the collection of data through various online channels and facilitating the execution of digital surveys to gather valuable insights and feedback from users.


Sign Up and Verification Managing the process of user registration and authentication, ensuring smooth and secure access to the platform's features and services. This includes implementing robust authentication mechanisms to verify user identities and safeguarding user accounts from unauthorised access. Additionally, monitoring registration activities is necessary to maintain data accuracy and compliance with privacy regulations.
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