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Business Start Up
Consider Bryxo your startup partner. We'll be with you side-by-side. Think of us as your business confidant; we'll handle the back-office essentials effortlessly so you can turn your dream vision into reality.
Accountancy & Taxation
When it comes to bookkeeping, taxes, and all the accounting jazz, RR Accountants comes to the rescue. They're tech-savvy with smart software, and their on-demand support keeps costs low. Pretty tech-savvy and perfect for businesses like yours!
Legal Services
With compelling proposals and engagement letters, you'll achieve sales targets with confidence and consistency.
Outdesk, a leading UK-based outsourcing provider, offers a comprehensive solution. We take the pressure off by handling your administrative tasks, from bookkeeping and payroll to customer service and marketing support.
HR & Payroll
Staffwise is your go-to for global HR needs. From hiring and onboarding individuals to seamless payroll processing to compliance maintenance, with Staffwise, you can optimise your HR operations and enhance workforce efficiency.
Bryxo Digital Ignite
Digital Ignite uplifts your brand's image digitally. They craft data-driven campaigns across all digital channels. From SEO to social media, they'll help your business shine online.
All-in-one services suite
Bryxo Plus
The Operating System for Business
Supercharge Your Business with Bryxo Plus: The All-in-One Fix for Streamlined Operations & Expert Accounting.
From Startup Spark to Scalable Success, Bryxo Makes It Fly! Elevate your business with our enhanced business solutions and integrated accounting services.
Why people love Bryxo?
Implement a structure with set fees for your services and charge an hourly rate accordingly. Make sure to monitor the time your employees dedicate to tasks. With just a quick look, you have access to key financial metrics such as revenue, labour costs, hours, budget profit, and actual profit.
Receive notifications when a client uploads or signs a document, completes a form, or updates their details. Additional notifications consist of impending deadlines, newly assigned tasks, modifications to your tasks, and various others.
Time tracking
Keep an eye on user activity, monitor logins, and instantly track their ongoing tasks. Time management becomes effortless with our intuitive interface. Simply click the time icon to start, or add time as needed.
Develop email templates for each service - once. After this, our intuitively designed software will automatically send these messages at the optimal time to the appropriate clients. We have prepared some default templates for you to customise and make your own.
In addition to the standard fields and accountancy/bookkeeping services in the client file, you have the flexibility to create new fields and services whenever needed. Establish fees tailored to each client, choose portal features for individual clients, and design personalised forms.
Custom forms
Instead of sending spreadsheets or lists of questions to clients, create custom online forms for them to fill out. You receive precisely the information you require while ensuring your clients have a seamless and polished experience.
Client timeline
Our Client Timeline meticulously logs every email and text sent to clients, along with their responses. Summarise meetings or impromptu calls on the timeline and keep track of time spent.
Our pre-made templates cover a wide range of automated emails and texts for your clients. These encompass letters of engagement, all record requests, reminders, and many... many more.
Automated task management
By utilising your clients' period end dates and deadlines, AM will automatically create task lists for each team member. Set internal target dates and customise tasks for any non-compliance work.
Free tools for managing proposals
Elevate your workflow with remarkable proposals, seamless e-Signature integration, and efficient invoicing, billing, and payment collection – all seamlessly unified on a single platform.
Bryxo is a suite of business apps and services that serve businesses of all sizes, providing solutions for critical functions like legal services, accounting, customer relationship management, e-commerce, inventory management, point of sale systems, and project management, etc.

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